Saturday, August 26, 2006

So far, so good

(Baxter and one of the wonderful techs at the SF/SPCA animal hospital.) (Updated: I replaced the original photo with one edited to blur the tech, since I forgot to ask if I could post her picture!)

Baxter was heading outside with a vet tech when we went to get him this morning. The tech said he'd been very quiet up to that point, then got so agitated that she "thought he had to pee." But he saw us coming up the sidewalk and either forgot what he was going to do, or - as the tech suggested - just "knew" we were coming for him!

Alas, with this many stitches to mess with for the next two weeks (warning: "stitches" photo follows!)...
Yucky photo coming...

Yucky photo coming...

Yucky photo coming...

(For the squeamish, I tried to put enough "warnings" there to push the photo out of your window.)

...he'll need to spend a lot of time in this fashionable headgear:

(Another "yucky photo" alert.) You can see the pre-surgery growth on his knee in this picture.

It was big, but that still seems like a mighty generous incision he's sporting!

Some good meds, some napping in the sun... He'll be just fine. We'll get the biopsy results in a week or so. Thanks for all the good wishes!


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